Repair and Resurface of Bathrooms

Is your bath worn, scratched, stained, cracked, lack luster or just simply outdated due to it’s terribly old fashioned colour? Ripping a bath out and replacing it with a new one is a very expensive exercise and is completely inconvenient and unnecessary! Did you know that your tatty old bath can be resurfaced within a matter of hours whilst still in place? Beta Bathrooms specialize in professional bathroom refinishing.

The new trend to renovating these days is not to replace, but to resurface, it’s timesaving (ready in 24 hours), and far less expensive and disruptive. It is also friendlier on the environment— instead of your old fixtures being dumped and ending up as land fill you can recycle them—giving them a new lease on life.

We also resurface Kitchen Cupboards and Aluminium Frames!


Resurfacing your bathroom or kitchen means that you have the luxury of choosing your own unique colour finish. If you have a swatch of your colour preference—we can match it.

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