Peace in the Home

When is it viable to resurface a bath, basin or toilet?
30th May 2019
Repairing a bath or basin with a hole in it.
30th May 2019

I remember it as if it was yesterday.  I was a newly wed bride and my mother-in-law gave us a gift for the home – a plant!  Oh that’s nice I hear you say!  Yes – it was rather – but you don’t know me!  I do believe that my maker left ‘green’ OUT of my fingers when he made my hands.

I can get children to grow, dogs to grow, I can even myself to grow – quite substantially I might add! But plants – oh my word – that right there is my challenge!  My mother-in-law spoke to hers…they even had names!  And so it came to pass on that fateful day that I was given Doris – a splendid ‘Peace in the Home’ specimen!  And just like that…there was NO Peace in the Home.  My mother-in-law checked in on me and Doris quite regularly and shame – eventually she had to stop asking about Doris – as Doris had gone to the great big flower bed in the sky!  I ferverently hoped that Doris could be revived ‘up there’ because down here – she looked like she was all out of ‘Peace’ and decidedly ‘dead’ around the ‘gills’.

Fast forward 20 odd years on – and I again was up for a ‘plant challenge’ when I have was gifted a brand new ‘plant baby’ by a caring and well meaning client.  I had however learnt my lesson by this stage – and named this fine new new lady – Superwoman!  She is a red Anthurium and is currently in fine fettle -with atleast 3 blooming flower buds!  I called her Superwoman because they say that we live up to our names – so I thought I’d give her a running start!  You can’t go wrong with a fine upstanding name like Superwoman! It brings to mind heroic deeds, battles faught and won and great successes alround!   Almost a year down the line and Superwoman is still going strong – she’s happy and just about ready for a transplant into a bigger pot and a new spot in the home.  
And so I’ve come to think about the virtues of cultivating peace in the home and ultimately peace in your life and I have come to the conclusion that we are the peace… if we are at peace, balanced, centred and truthful – we will undoubtfully exude peace and everything else will folow peacefully.  So if we are peace, then our home can’t help but be peaceful!  I have decided that it’s what we put into the home that matters – it’s our energy in the home, it’s the love we share in the home.  So – instead of it all being about cultivating peace in the home – let it be about what we teach our children, how much we laugh and kiss and hug each other.  It’s about how kind we are to ourselves and others in the home and how much time we allow ourselves to just be…And so –  without getting too philosophical – don’t sweat the small stuff.  Don’t bring your stresses home – leave them outside your front gate at the curb ready to pick up in the morning when you leave for work again.  Love yourself – I mean really love yourself – warts and all.  Love your family – even the crazy difficult ones.  Love your house and home.  Love your neighbours (not too much now) and love what you do – because if you don’t… no plant, no child, no pet, no pool, no bath, no gate, no kettle no couch will survive.  It’s been a long and hard journey – but this I can honestly say…peace is not something you cultivate or grow (sorry Doris) it’s something you ARE.  Peace out!