Repairing a bath or basin with a hole in it.

Peace in the Home
30th May 2019
Does the thought of bathroom renovations make you run screaming for the hills?
31st May 2019

We often receive calls from clients asking us if it’s possible to repair a bath or basin with a hole in it.  The damage looks severe, the hole big! ‘How did you get the hole there?’ most people would ask!

No – not  us!  We’ve heard and seen it all! A maintenance mishap causing a small hole to a large crater made by the ‘busy’. son or tenant.  We don’t ask ‘how’ – we just provide the solution!  Beta Bathrooms Specialist Resurfacing System can repair and resurface or recoat just about any surface – broken, scrached, stained or damaged in any way.  Since 1990 we have been on the job, and there isnt a problem we cannot find a solution to. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained in repairing and re-enamelling baths, basins, toilets, tiles, shower bases and kitchen cupboard doors.  Besides which we feel very strongly that we have perfected the very best process and coating this side of South Africa. We have even had the pleasure of fixing a basin that had been smashed into many pieces. Instead of recommending the client part with her treasured set, we repaired it all and resurfaced it to look as good as new… The below photo is the hair salon basin and the ‘repair journey’ it went on to be made whole again.  The owner of this hair salon would have had to spend an arm and a leg in getting a new wash basin – instead she was able to save the money and use it for other repairs and upgrades in her store.  We often have tenants of properties calling us to help them repair a bath, basin, tile or shower base before they vacate their premises. So that they can pass the landlord’s inspection we do an invisible resurface and repair! Our workmanship has often resulted in the tenant getting their whole rental desposit back instead of being penalised for damages in the bathroom or kitchen.  Take for example a candle burn… one client who had been hired to house-sit for a few months was in a panic as she had fallen asleep in the bath with a candle burning – the candle had burned down and had burnt the bath quite badly!  This young lady needed to fix the bath urgently before the home owner – possibly her parents – came home and saw the horrible scar in their bathroom!  No problem – it took us a few hours to complete the job – and when finished – the bath looked as good as new.  One client called us a one really busy Friday morning – a plumber – he had been busy on the job in a client’s bathroom and everything was going swimmingly well when one of his workers dropped a ratchet in the brand new and newly installed R15k bath.  The ratchet had left a hole and some scratches in the bath as the poor worker scrambled to get the offending tool out of the bath and harms way.  The job took us an hour or to to do and the plumber although in the doghouse with a damaged bath – was now not in so much trouble having found a solution to fix the immediate problem and could leave the job and have a good weekend.  So you see – it doesn’t matter what happens to your bath – hair dye, hair removal cream, nail varnish remover, fire crackers, tools dropped, a fire lit in the bath (yes – don’t ask – in a hotel room mind you!) or an unattended candle damage – we can repair it very well! No drama, hold ups or let downs because we firmly believe that baths were not meant for landfill – if we can save them – we will! Our planet is too full of discarded waste for us to allow baths and basins to be added to that. Contact us for your free quote and assessment of the job – Stephen Lambrick – 062 196 0680 or drop us a line on