When is it viable to resurface a bath, basin or toilet?

Well, if you ask us – we’ll tell you NO! Most definitely not! It’s simple, we believe that a cast iron bath is one of the best baths ever made!
30th May 2019
Peace in the Home
30th May 2019

We’ve been resurfacing baths, basins, toilets and tiles since 1990 and the main reason we get a call out to resurface an item is because the it’s has been scratched, cracked or stained. Another reason, especially with older pieces is that the bottom of a bath has faded and become dull with age and is now rough and hard to clean – almost porous! It doesn’t matter how hard you scrub these baths – they will just never look clean enough to their owner or housekeeper.

Which baths are effected by these issues I hear you ask?