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31st May 2019
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31st May 2019

Beta Bathrooms Refinishing Specialists offer a unique chip repairing service to all bath, basin and shower owners in Cape Town.  With over 26 years in experience in bath re-enameling – they’ve perfected the art of repairing chips, cracks, holes and stains on baths, basins, toilets, tiles and shower bases.

During our 30 years in business we’ve seen and repaired a vast array of damaged surfaces – from cast iron to aluminium and anything in between.  It really isn’t the surface that’s a matter of question when it comes to what we can resurface – it’s the extent of damage to the surface in question and how much it will cost to repair the surface vs the cost to replace the item.

So if you have something that is damaged in your home – it’s worth giving us a call to establish if we can repair it – especially if its a big ticket or difficult to replace item – like baths, basins, toilets, shower bases, aluminium window frames or kitchen cupboard doors.  

A chip, scratch or hole has the nasty habit of collecting grime, bacteria and dirt and this just continually collects in the damaged area – making the area look dirty and uninviting.  This then has the ability of making the whole room – be it the bathroom or the kitchen look grubby and really quite unpleasant. 

The process is quite easy – and is designed to save you – the owner or tenant – time, money and effort in the repair and renovation project.  The area is prepared by sanding down the area to a smooth and workable surface;  filling the holes and then further sanding the area down to a flat and even surface.  We then spray on a base coating followed by a top coat.  Our refinishing system and coating is our secret to our success – we’ve perfected the recipe for a durable, smooth and none porous coating suitable for areas that are expose to water – be it bath water, tap water or rain – we have a system that deflects the water.  No bubbles – no orange peel.  

We have successfully repaired many of these items in the past:

*  High-gloss kitchen cupboard doors and cabinets.

*  Chips, cracks, holes and stains on cast iron, fiberglass and porcelain baths, basins and toilets

*  Victorian baths.

*  Aluminium window frames and door sills

*  Shower bases | trays

*  Tiles

*  Cistern Lids

*  Fridges

*  Furniture

So –  how do you go about booking us?  Send us a photograph of the damaged item – and we’ll give you an immediate answer as to whether we can repair and resurface  your item.  Don’t worry – we’ll be honest enough to admit when we’re done for – i.e. when we don’t recommend you repair and resurface your item.

All repairs are done on site at your home or offices – unless you’ve delivered the item to our offices.  We do prefer to repair and resurface Victorian baths in our workshop because it takes 2 weeks to complete the full resurfacing process on a Victorian Bath.


Most of our repairs are invisible repairs, but very occasionally we will come across a job that has us scratching our heads and technically challenged – but we gather ourselves, our expertise and resolve to complete the job to the highest quality possible given the circumstances. The end result is a repaired, resurfaced and restored job that costs our customers more than 75% less than the price of purchasing and installing new items.  Contact Stephen Lambrick – Beta Bathrooms Refinishing Systems on  062 196 0680 for your free quote.  Remember to email photographs of the damaged item to