Crack repair, restore and resurfacing on a fiberglass bath

When should you resurface your bath?
31st May 2019
Is your bath worn, scratched, stained, cracked, lack luster or just simply outdated due to it’s terribly old fashioned colour?
31st May 2019

Yesterday we were called out to Melkbos to repair and restore a large crack on a rectangular fiberglass bath in Melkbos on the West Coast of Cape Town.  

Our team arrived mid morning and assessed the damage to the bath.  Other than the crack in the bath, the bath was pretty badly worn with other smaller hairline cracks.  

No problem to the Beta Bathrooms Refinishing team – we started off by doing a good job of sanding the bath down – smoothing any rough edges and just preparing the bath for the process of restoration.  

Cracked bath Melkbos

Once completely sanded down and as smooth as a baby’s bum, we commenced with spraying our specially formulated top coat.  The top coat acts as a primer and ensures that the surface is protected from water penetration.   The priming process is vital – because without a good protective layer – you leave your resurfacing job open to water damage and then you’ll have to redo the job.  We don’t want this – so we make pretty sure that we’re do an excellent job of it.  

Once primed – were ready to spray the final coat on the bath.  This is the enamel coating – the finish that gives the customer the smooth and shiny enamel look as seen in the shops on a brand new bath.  

This process can take anything between 2-3 and sometimes 4 hours – depending on the damage to the bath.  And as can be seen from the after pics below what  you are left with is a beautiful bath that now adds value to the home and gives the bathroom another lease on life without causing to much pain and suffering by having to remove and replace and all the stress, worry and inconvenience that goes with that whole process.  We were out of the client’s home in 3 hours and back at our workshop working on a Victorian bath before 2 pm that same afternoon… and the client – well the client get’s to make use of their newly restored bath within 48 hours of letting the coating cure.

With proper care he will have a newly resurfaced bath that he need not worry about for the next 5 years at least.  This process is designed to save the customer the purchase of new, the money on removal, labour – painting, tiling, plumbing and flooring and the inconvenience of a fairly long and tedious installation process. 

Don’t replace.  Restore and resurface!  

After cracked bath Melkbos
up close section of after of cracked bath melkbos beta baths