Declutter your bathroom

Re-enamelling a gives your old bath, basin or toilet a new lease on life
31st May 2019
Christmas Decoration ideas for the Bathroom! Why not?
31st May 2019

The decluttered look we all ultimately want in our bathrooms.  If this bathroom doesn’t say peace and quiet to you – we don’t know what will!

If you have a messy bathroom you’re missing out on a piece of real estate dedicated to peace and harmony!  Trust us – we’ve seen all types of bathrooms in the 26 years we’ve been resurfacing bathrooms.  From the minimalistic approach to the ‘can’t swing a cat’ approach.  The messy to the fanatically spotless!  It takes all types right?

In our opinion though – the bathroom is meant to be your ‘safe space’!  Your chill zone!  Your time away from the maddening habbab in the house.  It is also meant to be a place where you have the space and resources to do go about your daily personal grooming, health and hygiene routines in relative peace and quiet without falling, slipping or tripping over clutter left to hibernate in the the bathroom!  

So being a New Year – and with all the advice of decluttering being tackled on social media – we thought we’d add our 2c into the mix on decluttering the bathroom:

  1.   The bathroom cabinet

      Go through everything with a critical eye – if it’s past it’s sell by date – toss it.  If you haven’t

      used it in the last 3 months – toss it.  If you just know you’re never going to use it again – toss         it.  Think dirty old bandages, think half empty pots and jars of muck, think old razors, think old 

      blades, think empty receptacles – if you can recycle – then do so, if you can’t reuse or up-cycle           toss it.  

2.  Towels

     If your towels are looking a bit worse for wear – if they have holes or tears or are remotely ‘miff’      or moldy offer them to a local business for rags or to a creative arts school for cleaning cloths,        but whatever you do – remove them from your bathroom – they are just an eye sore! 

3.  Soaps | Lotions | Potions

     If it looks too nice to use – gift it to a friend who will make good use of it.  Really!  Otherwise it’s        nothing but a dust collector and is doing nothing for the flow of your space.  If you keep it –            make sure you use it!  Finished.   Remember cosmetics and creams that have been opened and        used once or twice to then languish in the sun poses a health risk – so don’t keep it – bacteria is        rife in this environment – trust me – I’ve seen the colour these things turn!  Ugh!  An aside note      – many of these lotions and potions stain your resurfaced bath surface – so be careful what you        keep in the bathroom.  

OK so you’ve diligently cleaned, cleared and tossed where necessary….now what?  Create law and order in the bathroom – make use of recycled materials – like a recycled denim jeans – to make a stunning basket or bowl if you like to house the safe bits and pieces you want to keep.


We all deserve a bit of peace and quiet in 2017.  A refuge.  A place free from worry, free from mess, free from clutter and free from ‘old stuff’.  Let us make that the bathroom this year!  

Just taking this opportunity to say thank you for your business, thank you for your support and thank you more importantly for engaging with us and making us want to be better for you.  We hope you had a Merry Christmas, A Happy Hanukkah and a Joyous Diwali.  Here’s to a bright and prosperous New Year in 2017!  Remember – Don’t replace.  Resurface!  Stephen and Robyn Lambrick