Does the thought of bathroom renovations make you run screaming for the hills?

Repairing a bath or basin with a hole in it.
30th May 2019
Is your bath gross?
31st May 2019

In our experience – one’s bathroom is either one’s haven of peace or a matter of great unhappiness in the home!
There is nothing more relaxing and rewarding than rejuvenating one’s self after a hard day at work in a beautiful and peaceful bathroom. And yes this includes a pristine bath.
However, the cost and inconvenience of replacing one’s current bath and having a new one fitted leaves many a home owner feeling considerably frustrated and helpless not to mention depressed about having our daily bath!
So let’s look at a few scenarios:

You want a CHAMPAGNE bathroom on a beer budget:

You’ve done your research – the cost of a new bath, plumbing, tiling and painter will cost you a bomb – but you desperately want to change the colour of your bath.

Time is NOT fleeting:

The timeframe quoted by various service providers indicate that you will be without the only bathroom in the house for approximately 2 weeks – not good right?

Mess is More:

The thought of overcalled workers stomping dust through your home and dragging bags of rubble out to your front verge for a week leaves you looking for your own gas mask.

Well the good news is – when you decide to resurface a bathroom, basin, toilet, shower base or tiles – the process is over before you can have your three hour nap. From start to finish – the bath takes about 2-3 hours to resurface. This process might be extended if your son has made a fire in the bath – we could be busy for a few more hours repairing the gaping wound in your bath, but all –in-all – we should be done within a morning’s work. You will then be able to use the said resurfaced item within 48 hours! Not only are we saving you on time – but the price of resurfacing vs. replacing saves you a cool 75% on cost of purchasing – meaning you walk away richer in time and money! Not too shabby hey Bob?

So – if it be replace vs resurface – what would your choice be?