Don’t buy new – recycle, restore, resurface and reuse.

Transform your home easily by transforming the cupboard doors in the home.
31st May 2019
Re-enamelling a gives your old bath, basin or toilet a new lease on life
31st May 2019

Beta Bathrooms are completely passionate about not buying a new bath, basin or toilet.  We sincerely believe and live by our ethos that you can almost always repair, restore and resurface just about any surface in the house.  It’s really not necessary to buy new anymore. 

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In today’s day and age it’s all about saving the plant, reducing waste and landfill and reusing, recycling and repurposing whatever you can! It’s about leaving a better place than when we first got here say’s Stephen Lambrick – owner and operator of Beta Bathrooms since 1990.  He believes that one can save up to 75% of the cost of new in making a resurfacing decision.  This then saves money, time, labour, effort and has a minimal impact on the daily operations of the home, guest house, hospital, hotel or restaurant.  Imagine the amount of money saved on a massive commercial project if the decision to resurface rather than replace is made!  And just think what one could do with the money saved! There are however times when you are forced to replace a unit – for example when you need to change the shape or size of the unit.  A great idea from from our side is to look for a second hand bath and call us to have it plumbed in and resurfaced in situ.  When Beta Bathrooms get’s a call for a quote on resurfacing a bath, basin, toilet or tiles, we often ask the customer a few relevant questions before supplying them with a quote:

  1. Is the bath cast iron or porcelain?
  2. Has the bath previously been resurfaced before?
  3. Is the bath currently peeling, flaking or or bubbling?
  4. Is the bath leaking?

Very often we receive phone calls from distraught home owners or tenants who have dropped a heavy or sharp object in the bath – resulting in a hole in the bath – they are surprised to hear that we can invisibly repair th bath – resurfacing it to look as good as new! 

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So the answer to the question, “Can you resurface any bath, basin, tile, toilet or shower base?” would be a resounding yes we most definately can!   Contact Stephen Lambrick on or 062 196 0680