Guest House saves money on toilet holder renovations by NOT replacing

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31st May 2019
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31st May 2019

Last week we were called by a guest house who had a toilet roll holder in one of their bathrooms that had been damaged by a previous guest.  The room in question was always booked out – and busy and guests were now noticing the chipped toilet roll holder.  

damaged toilet roll holder

Guests house guests were concerned about cutting themselves on the chipped piece on the toilet roll holder and it became a real bone of contention for the room. The client didn’t want the tiles behind the toilet roll holder to be damaged and she didn’t wan’t any down time in the bookings for the room – so she called Beta Bathrooms in to repair, resurface and restore the toilet roll holder.  
Beta Bathrooms arrived on the premises and put a protective layer all around the other items in the room – including the tiles – and went about the job of repairing the chip on the toilet roll holder.  We sanded down the rough edges and filled the hole and ensured a smooth contour on the toilet roll holder.  Once satisfied that the toilet roll holder was sufficiently repaired our team resurfaced the unit.  It took an hour or two and the job was done perfectly – leaving the toilet roll holder looking as good as new and the guest house owner a very happy camper! 

repaired toilet roll holder

The moral of the story – don’t replace – resurface.  Save money, save on landfill and save on time by using our efficient and effective resurfacing system.  We have perfected our coating, our methods and our processes over 30 years of being in business in Cape Town.  Contact Stephen Lambrick on for further information or to find out how we can help you with your resurfacing project.