Is your bath gross?

Does the thought of bathroom renovations make you run screaming for the hills?
31st May 2019
Winter’s coming – time to check your bathroom and kitchen grouting and silicone sealing
31st May 2019

Do you have a really ‘gross’ looking bath? Nothing worse right?

So what do you do? Well, if you’ve recently visited your local home improvement store you would have realised that you can source a reasonably quality bath for about R 1, 200.00. That’s not too shabby all things considered, right?
Question is – have you considered ‘all things’? Did you stop to consider the added cost of employing a contract plumber, rubble removal guy, tiler, brickie and painter? Eish – not so reasonable any more… right?
Wait – there’s more…

it goes without saying that with the hiring of contract workers comes the whole problem of timing, security and a whole lot of mess! One week leads to two, which leads to three – not to mention the ‘no-shows’. Now – I’m not saying that all our contract plumbers , brickies, tillers and painters are this way inclined – in fact I happen to work some pretty professional guys who take pride in what they do – but I have also had exposure to my fair share of ‘nightmare service’ from these chaps. It can all be incredibly frustrating!
Enter bath-resurfacing! One common misconception of bath resurfacing is that the bath needs to be removed and taken to a workshop off site. At Beta Bathrooms – we do take Victorian baths off site – but that’s because of the longer refinishing process required to refurbish these Grande Old Dames! Most refinishing specialists are acutely aware of the fact that they’re in your home and will therefore work really carefully so as not to cause any overspray and mess in your home.

So what is the process – and how long can a resurfacing job take?

It’s a really quick solution to replacing – when we say quick – we mean it takes up to 2 – 3 hours to resurface a bath in reasonably good nick…a bath that requires fiberglass mending and filling will require additional tender loving care and as such – we would need to give you a timeline on the completion of the job. 
After masking off the bath a drop sheet is placed on the floor to avoid overspray and damage to the area immediately surrounding the bath. The bath is then repaired – holes, nicks, chips and scratches are primed, sealed and polished smooth before we spray a highly durable gloss or matt top-coat of poly-urethane in a colour of your choice. 
Be reassured – the coating we resurface your bath is a direct duplication of your bath’s original ‘dip-coating’. Please, please, please – don’t think that we’re doing a quick ‘DIY’ job here – this process takes years to perfect – and is as professional a job as that of having your vehicle spray painted by a professional contractor. We would not at this juncture recommend that you you’re your man try a DIY resurfacing kit at home – training, methods, tricks of the trade and tools used by technicians are difficult if not impossible to replicate with these kits.
To put your mind at ease – the coatings that Beta Bathrooms use for their jobs are actually utilised on above and below the waterline for racing yacht basins – and are water resistant and durable and should last you with proper care between 5 and 10 years. 
Your newly resurfaced bath should on completion ‘cure’ for at least 48 hours. This means – no water in the bath during this time. This final stage – while frustrating for some – is vital for the bonding process to take place between the ‘old bath and the new coating’. If this step is skipped or not adhered to – the technician cannot be held responsible for the consequences and the almost assured ‘damage’ to the newly resurfaced bath.

And that is resurfacing in a nutshell – so, if your bath is indeed ‘gross’ and your are looking for a solution – know that your local resurfacing specialist has your back – and ‘job’ won’t cost you an arm and a leg…Happy Beta Bathrooms everyone!