Is your bath worn, scratched, stained, cracked, lack luster or just simply outdated due to it’s terribly old fashioned colour?

Crack repair, restore and resurfacing on a fiberglass bath
31st May 2019
My bath is peeling – can I have it repaired?
31st May 2019

May is a great month to start with your home and business renovations. 

Beta Bathrooms are bathroom resurfacing specialsits.  We’ve been in this business for a long time – since1990 to be exact.  
Routine cleaning of one’s bath does not offer a sufficient solution against tough dirt or the discoloration that comes with wear and tear of our baths.  Baths are affected by our cleaning materials, by our water, by soaking washing in the bath and by various corrosive materials being used by builders, plumbers and various contractors.
Regardless of the shape, size, age, and design of your bath, our expert technicians have perfected a unique and highly effective resurfacing solution that will renovate your bath, basin, toilet and tiles and ultimately enhance the aesthetics in the bathroom using the highest quality materials. Many families and hospitality places have acknowledged the inevitable loss the ambiance in the bathroom because of the visible marks of chipping, staining, or scratching. Replacing an entire bath tub because of ugly marks is incredibly costly, cumbersome, disruptive, and time-consuming.  Beta Bathrooms Resurfacing Specialist resurfacing pros have convenient alternatives that come with the advantages of quality, durability, and enhanced aesthetics. These advantages are particularly useful to homeowners who want to sell their houses at higher costs.  KEY BENEFITS TO RESURFACING YOUR BATH 

  • Resurfacing renovates your bathroom and enhances its beauty back to it’s ‘brand new’ appeal.  
  • A quality bathroom resurfacing system greatly improves the bath surface – giving it a smooth and shiny finish.  
  • The high durability of the coating used to resurface a bath gives your bath a longer lease on life.
  • Resurfacing gives the home owner the option to change the colour of the bath without too much trouble.
  • The resurfacing process results in the home owner saving the cost of purchasing a new bath, paying for the services of a plumber, brick layer and painter to restore the bathroom to it’s former beauty.  
  • The time one saves by resurfacing instead of purchasing new is about two weeks.  It only takes a technician 2-4 hours to resurface a bath resulting in a huge time saving.  

Book your resurfacing project now! We resurface baths, basins, toilets, tiles, shower bases, kitchen cupboard doors, furniture and aluminium window frames