Kitchen sinks resurfaced

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31st May 2019
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31st May 2019

On Thursday last week we were stopped by a man walking out of the shopping centre with his daughter – he looked at our branded vehicle and asked us to give him a business card (10/10 for our advertising strategy right?) Anyway, he asked us whether we were able to repair and restore a kitchen sink made from fiberglass.  And our answer to him was – a definite ‘Yes”. 

We restore many kitchen and laundry sinks in all areas around Cape Town.  Our prospective client walked away very chuffed with himself for finding a possible restoration solution to a grotty looking sink in his kitchen happy in the knowledge that he would not have to fork out the expense of replacing, plumbing, tiling and painting – not to mention the mess and time taken in doing the repair in his home. 

We have resurfaced many kitchen sinks – especially for landlords of flats in and around the city centre.  Sinks in the kitchen or laundry are easy to repair, resurface and restore.  We restore sinks in any colour.  They are just one of the many items in the home that are prone to staining, chipping and cracking.  Granted, these days many people have the luxury of a dishwasher and so the need for a basin is that much more reduced, but even so – sinks have their uses for a quick wash or rinse of a few items – specially now when wanting to save water by not using the dishwasher on a long cycle.  They can also be an ascetically pleasing item in the kitchen and look great too right?  Some kitchens feature time period enamel basins and vanities or butcher’s basins.  These are great to restore – and we’ve had many a happy clients complement us on our quality when restoring these units.  It’s easy to get a great new look on a Victorian or Edwardian sink or basin – these old pieces are just crying out for a modern coat of paint.   A great tip here is to have the taps on these time-pieces reconditioned too we have a great supplier who we send all our taps to for re-plating – they look amazing when done properly. Re-plating your taps adds immense value to the overall finish to the item being resurfaced. This is also a good opportunity to repair dripping and stiff taps – as a dripping tap eventually erodes the coating on a resurfaced item.  A final note – it’s important to remember that pots and pans – when dropped a newly resurfaced sink can chip and damage the coating – so it’s vital to remember to work carefully with your dishes in your resurfaced sink. 

Kitchen basin before pic made smaller

Before of a fiberglass kitchen sink

Kitchen basin after 50
after double basin

After of a fiberglass kitchen sink

After of a fiberglass kitchen sink

before double basin

Before of a badly damaged fiberglass kitchen sink