My bath is peeling – can I have it repaired?

Is your bath worn, scratched, stained, cracked, lack luster or just simply outdated due to it’s terribly old fashioned colour?
31st May 2019
Resurfacing a toilet pan
11th Aug 2019

The simple answer to this question is yes – of course you can!  What’s more – there are companies like ours dedicated to repairing / restoring and resurfacing baths that peel.  

Let’s face it – a bath is a permanent fixture in the home and needs to look as good as new!  

Why does a bath peel?

A resurfaced can peel if the coating is chipped. Water gets under the coating and spreads causing delamination. Beta Baths uses a specialised primer that does not allow water to seep under it thus ensuring our coating won’t peal around the chip.  We’ve learnt enough over the years resurfacing baths to know what not to do to ensure a smooth and clear finish on a resurfaced bath and we do our very level best to ensure that we have a high success rate at this.  

Baths in general though, overtime experience wear and tear and can sustain damage to their protective coatings that can also lead to a bath peeling. 

Baths in high traffic areas like hostels, hotels, bed and breakfasts and guests houses experience far more wear and tear than most baths – this high usage results in the bath coating wearing thin and becoming porous.

Remember – a resurfaced bath must be cared for by washing it with a soft cloth and dishwashing liquid or a soft detergent – just not any ammonia based cleaners.  

We are often called in by property management companies to resurface the bath / basin or toilet of a rental property. Why?  Well it’s far more economical to resurface than to replace.  Replacing a bath will have the bath and residential area out of action with workers walking in and out of the premises for a week or two at least.  So, instead of having one or two people from the resurfacing company in the residential space resurfacing the bath for two or three hours you will have the plumber, brickie and painter in the space plumbing for the new pipes and outlets, bricking up the open gaps made by the removal of the previous unit and then the painter painting the newly cemented wall.  Not to mention the tiler that is now also required to replace any damaged tiles both on the floor and wall.  

No – in our world we see the real difference resurfacing makes to the timing on a renovation job, on a repair job and on getting a rental property back into the market almost immediately.  There’s no loss of income and no lack of convenience on the home owner or tenant.  

Peeling baths, scratched baths, stained baths, baths with holes in it, baths with cracks in it and baths with chips in it can also be resurfaced – in fact we request that you save money, save time, save the earth on landfill and rather resurface your bath.  Contact Stephen Lambrick – local owner | operator – 062 1960 680 for any queries or quotes.  Spraying baths since 1990.