Re-enamelling a gives your old bath, basin or toilet a new lease on life

Don’t buy new – recycle, restore, resurface and reuse.
31st May 2019
Declutter your bathroom
31st May 2019

Fully re-enamelling a bath renders an old, scratched, chipped, stained, damaged or faded bath ‘new’ giving it a brand new lease on life and adding priceless value to the property at the fraction of the cost of new.  

The above bath, tiles and soap dish were resurfaced for a family of 5 in Fish Hoek in 2003.  These pics were sent to us in 2014 by the owners – who were very chuffed with the fact that their resurfacing job was still in good nick 11 years later!  Just imagine 11 years after being resurfaced it still looks so good! 

So what can be done to ‘restore’ your bathroom? 

  1. You can restore and resuface your single basin
  2. You can restore and resurface your double basin.
  3. You could restore and resurface your bathroom and toilet tiles. (Not to mention your kitchen tiles.)
  4. You can restore and resurface your toilet bowl and cistern lid.
  5. You could restore and resurface your bath.
  6. Should you have a freestanding Victorian bath – we could restore and resurface it very easily either back at our workshop or in situ in your home.
  7. If your bath is a Spa or Jet bath – we could easily restore and resurface it in situ in the privacy of your own home. 
  8. We will easily even restore and resurface your shower base.
  9. We can easily restore and resurface your toilet roll holder and soap dish.
  10. We can even restore and resurface your bidet.

What are the services covered in our resurfacing portfolio.  In other words – what are we able to restore for you when taking on a resurfacing job for you and your family or tenant?  We restore and repair: 

  1. Cracks
  2. Chips
  3. Stains
  4. Holes
  5. Faded material
  6. Scratched material
  7. Burnt material
  8. Acrylic
  9. Cast Iron
  10. Fiber glass
  11. Wood
  12. Aluminium
  13. Colour matched repairs.

We are bath resurfacing specialists – been doing it since 1990.  We are passionate about restoring and resurfacing – our motto is ‘Don’t replace.  Resurface.’ and we go the extra mile to ensure that the very best restoration job is executed for our clients.  Why?  Because we like saving our client’s money and making them happy – and even more so – we want to save on landfill and dumping of old units – thereby ultimately saving the planet 

Our success lies with our proven successful technology, system and materials we use.  We’ve had time to test and trial new formulas and methods over time and have cultivated the perfect recipe of longevity and quality – we hope.  We believe there’s always room for improvement and innovation and are therefore always pushing the boundaries on perfecting the job.  If our client’s aren’t happy – no questions asked – we return to repair and perfect the job until all parties are smiling.