Transform your home easily by transforming the cupboard doors in the home.

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31st May 2019
Don’t buy new – recycle, restore, resurface and reuse.
31st May 2019

Giving your home a brand new look doesn’t have to cost much or take up too much of your time these days!.  Let’s take your cupboard doors in the home for example – did you know that you can change the look and feel of your cupboard doors very easily?  It is the quickest and most economical ways of giving your kitchen and bedroom an updated and fresh look. 

The trendy new neon colours for the 2016 summer season is just what one needs to make a colour statment in your home this summer.  It’s important to make use of colours that contrast each other.  Remember – use the lighter colour on the eye-level cupboard doors – this will result in the room being opened up a bit – giving it a fresh and airy summer feel.  It’s amazing what one can do with a new coat of paint in the room.  Light colours are great to create the perception of more space and light.  Beta Bathrooms are often called to come in and change the colour of the kitchen cupboard doors for our clients.  We love doing this job – we quote on square meterage – and then on approval we come in and reomve the doors and get a colour swatch from you.  We the return to our workshop and start preparing the doors for their first coat of paint.  It’s important to note – we prefer resurfacing solid wood doors.  Melamine is that much harder to resurface and we cannot always guarantee the best results with this substrate. 
Once the door is completely dry and safe to work with – we like to offer the client the option of changing the door knobs on their cupboard doors. Changing the handles on your cupboard doors and drawers is a great way to update the look of  your room.  Door knobs come a range of styles to match just about any decor and they are easy to attach.  According to the Dulux website – they talk about the 2017 colours forecast being “energised by a growing interest in the universe and so their colour palette is a collection of galactic-inspired colours ranging from night sky darks to muted and hazy cosmic pastels, balanced with intense, rich hues.”  Beta Bathroom clients can just present us with a colour swatch from Dulux which we will gladly match for colour paint to resurface your cupboards with.  Should you wish to have more inforamtion on resurfacing your cupboard doors – please contact Stephen Lambrick on – and he’ll gladly answer all your questions. 

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