Upgrade your kitchen instantly with resurfacing

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31st May 2019
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31st May 2019

Let’s face it – renovations and redecorating is not top of mind for most folk right now… we’re too busy just getting by!  If it’s not the politicalsituation, it’s the economy (drastically affected by the politics) and if it’s not the economy it’s the weather – or more importantly the lack of rain that has us all in a twist and worried for the future…So what has that got to do with renovating your kitchen you ask?  Well it is not really ‘fertile ground’ for creative thinking with regards to our home right now… Too much worry, too much stress, too much to get through, too many fires to put out.  The thought of a stream of workers plodding though your home at this stage leaves you running for the hills with your emergency breathing apparatus!   

We feel your pain! But there is a way you can renovate your kitchen – on a budget – and not have workers trampling through your home spending weeks on a job that should have taken one week to complete.  This is how:

Resurface the basin

Any basin / sink can be re-enameled to look as good as new – in a colour of your choice.  The job will take the technician about 2-3 hours to complete and you will be able to use your basin / sink in 48 hours time.  Yip – that’s right – no need to remove and replace.  No need for a bricklayer, painter and plumber.  A resurfacing technician can resurface the basin / sink in-situ at a very affordable price – at least 75% the cost of new! 

This applies to fiberglass, porcelain and cast iron. Single or double basins or sinks. 

before double basin
Basin that was cracked and burnt kitchen basin

Consider resurfacing your cupboard doors

Changing the colour of your kitchen cupboard doors is possibly the cheapest way of achieving a massive make-over look in your kitchen!  Why you ask?  The kitchen cupboard doors forms part of the largest surface area in the kitchen and if surface area looks tired, tatty and dated then the whole kitchen will unfortunately take on the same feel.

A resurfacing technician will remove your kitchen cupboard doors and upload them to resurface in the safety of our own workshop in a colour and finish of your choice – mat or gloss. 

The end result is nothing short of spectacular.

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As can be seen by the before and after pictures – the difference made to the units in the room is fabulous and the affect in the room as a whole dramatic.  This can be achieved on a tight budget.  So as always we preach – don’t replace… resurface.  It saves money, time and effort.