You can change your 70’s bathroom from drab to fab in just one day.

Kitchen sinks resurfaced
31st May 2019
Guest House saves money on toilet holder renovations by NOT replacing
31st May 2019

 These days not many people have oodles of money to throw at bathroom renovations.  And bathrooms can be notoriously expensive to renovate.  Well, the good news is – you don’t need to have deep pockets when renovating your bathroom. 

Ask yourself – what can I keep, what can I recycle, what can I buy second-hand?  What can I resurface?  By working with what you’ve got you will reduce the cost of demolition, removal, the cost of purchasing new and the labour cost of installation.  While the seventies throwback colour palet might work for folks who enjoy a retro style -it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea.  It’s also good to remember that whilst the ‘look’ might be dated – the unit itself might still be in good nick – in fact we find that baths produced during this time were the best quality by far and infact all that’s called for is a ‘costmetic make-over’. Resurfacing is quick, easy and very affordable.  It also means that your bathroom is not out of action for more than 48 hours.  Going the demolition route means that your bathroom is out of bounds for at least 2 – 3 weeks while contractors have full reign renovating your bathroom. So moral of the story is:  Don’t replace that 70’s bathroom.  Resurface it.  Contact Stephen Lambrick for any queries with regards to resurfacing your retro bathroom.  Stephen Lambrick – | 062 1960 680