5 good reasons to have your Bath Resurfaced.

Resurfacing a toilet pan
11th Aug 2019
Add colour to your bathroom or change a colour in your bathroom
11th Sep 2019
A resurfaced corner bath resurfaced by Beta Bathrooms team.

When your bath has scratched, chipped, has a hole in it, has been stained or is simply dull and faded, or out of date, you can do one of three things:

Buy a new one.

Try to re-coat it yourself with a painting kit

Or hire a professional bath resurfacing specialist to recoat/respray/re-enamel / resurface your bath for you.

We recommend that you give a bath resurfacing professional a chance at saving your bath / basin / toilet / tiles or shower base before you either remove it and buy a new one or try re-coating it yourself.  Why do we say that….because we want your business?  Yes, if we’re honest – we do, but that’s not the reason we started this business in 1990 – here is our reasons to believe in what we do:

 Resurfacing saves the man on the street money!  75% the cost of new to be exact!

It could set you back a few thousand Rands just to purchase a new bath.  Not to mention the labour you’ll need to fork out to have it installed!  Often, that route comes with its own set of issues – and hidden costs.  Those who choose to go the resurfacing route – calculate the value in recycling their bath with the resurfacing route.  Think about it – with the money you save on the purchase and the labour – you could pay to have your basin and tiles resurfaced as well – resulting in a whole bathroom make-over. 

It saves you time. 

Painting tiles and resurfacing your bath may seem to take allot of time – in fact it’s only 2-4 hours – however the removal and installation of a new bath will take much longer.  As long as you have professions on your resurfacing bath you can enjoy your new and improved bathroom in no time.  The whole resurfacing job – including the curing process usually takes 4 to 48 hours to be complete.  A bath and tile replacement job could have you languishing in no man’s vile for up to two weeks – what a nightmare!

It saves your walls.

The bath and tile removal process can b a very destructive process.  Removing a bath often leads to additional expenses.  Walls can crack due to heavy hammering.  There may be grinding (dust) to chase new piping or walls may even be demolished in the process!  So, besides the short lived joy of purchasing a new bath, you may need to go through some long and complicated renovation and structural changes. 

Remember – if you have a large bath, it may not even fit through the doorway.  Manoeuvring it out of the bathroom and down the passage or the stairs in the home can lead to other unexpected damages and accidents – oh yikes!  Never thought of that!  You may also have additional and unforeseen expenses such as replastering and waterproofing the walls and floors.  There are often other unforeseen damages during replacement because of bathroom fixtures; carpets etc are often not adequately protected during the prepping process for the start of the project.

It is a long lasting solution

There have been amazing new technological strides in waterproofing products. You can rest assured that when a qualified professional resurfacing technician is on the job to resurface a bath, and they’re doing a quality job – it will last you a lifetime. We at Beta Bathrooms Refinishing are so confident of our quality and service that we’ve put a 5 year guarantee on all of our resurfaced products. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a long lasting resurfaced surface

The average resurfaced bath should be good to go for 5-10 years depending on how you look after it. 

It provides you with an opportunity for you to decide what you want

Perhaps the best part about hiringany bath resurfacing company is the flexibility it should gift you with.  A bath surface can be customised to your the client’s colour scheme – in other words – if you have a pink bathroom colour scheme and you feel that a light pink bath would add to the look of the room – you are free to give your resurfacing technician a swatch of the required colour which he will gladly match for you for your resurfacing project. 

On the other hand, tile can be repaired and matched to the existing pattern. You won’t get this with a remodel or new tub and shower. If you want to be pragmatic and get the job done, that is no problem. Resurfacing can lead to a wide variety of options

So in closing – whether you’ve just purchased a new house, planning to do some renovations in your apartment you’ve been renting out, or just want to give your house a new look, you are faced with choices for your bathroom:  DIY, resurfacing or replacing.

We can’t tell you what to do – we can equip you with all the information in order to empower you to make the best decision for you, your family or your business and we honestly hope that you will go the resurfacing route.  If you’d like a quote or an honest appraisal of your bathroom as a viable option for a full renovation going the resurfacing route – contact us on 062 196 080 or drop us a line on info@betabaths.co.za

Bath scratched and chipped by a tiler when completing the work around the bath. We were called in to resurface the whole bath to ensure it looked as good as new.