A quick revamp for the guest bathroom.

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14th May 2020

If you have a bathroom that needs some TLC but are on a tight budget here are some quick and easy ideas for you to impress the guests with:

  1. Lighting

It’s our opinion that a bathroom should have natural lighting – if yours doesn’t the easiest way to give your bathroom a new look is to change the lighting. Soft white lights are commonplace in a bathroom, however, if you’re looking for something a with a little bit of personality, we advise popping into Eurolux Lighting Cape Town Showroom and Warehouse in Milnerton for some professional advice some stunning lighting options.

A tip would be to take a picture of the room with so that the sales rep knows what he or she is working with.

2. Wall Colour

We searched for colour trend alerts for 2021 as there are only 4 months left to 2020 – can you believe it – but we struggled to find a South African site to verify our hunch of what’s to come. We can recommend that you contact Rose McClement from Design Monchary for expert interior advice on your home through. Rose and her team are top class – Rose’s slogan is, “We design, eye-popping, jaw-dropping interiors for your home. And she does!

Anyway, it is our hunch is that one will be looking at beautiful natural grounding colours for 2021 – especially for the bathroom. With the crazy mad year we’ve all had – we can all do with some peace and tranquillity in our home – especially since it’s the place where we spend most of our time.

Back to the advice on choosing the paint for your bathroom…it has always been our advice to clients to spend the extra money on your wall paint – there is nothing worse than a peeling wall – in the home or in the bathroom. And by going with the more expensive paint you are bound to have a job that will last you a good many years before needing a refurb.

3. Bring nature into the bathroom.

We can’t say whether this is on-trend on not – but plants are an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up any room in your home. They also bring life to any room, don’t they?

We personally love the idea – however keeping the plants alive and flourishing would be a serious issue for me and my wife – we don’t have a green finger between us! Room temperatures are also variable – so remember to choose a hardy specimen.

House & Gardens website suggests the following plants for the bathroom:

Best plants for low light: Snake plant, zz plant, pothos, heart-leaf philodendron, dracaena, and spider plant

Best plants for high humidity: Ferns, peace lily, fittonia, polka-dot plant, and rex begonia

Happy plant shopping!

4. Resurfacing your bath, basin, tiles, vanity slab and toilet

We have written numerous blogs on the benefits of resurfacing your bath. Here’s one – 5 Good reasons to have your bath resurfaced. We’ve been in the business of resurfacing baths since 1990 and have seen the effect that a resurfaced bath has on the whole bathroom – it basically gives the room a brand new look. You can choose your own colour for the bath, basin or tiles – we can match your colour swatch and resurface the unit within 3 – 4 hours of arriving on the premises. Resurfacing is a quick and affordable way of renovating your bath – restoring it to its a new look and giving it a new lease on life. Resurfacing cuts out the need for a tiler, a plumber or a bricklayer. No purchasing new tiles, basins, baths and hardware. No removing the old units. No rubble, no multiple work teams – just one. It’s definitely the answer to saving time, money and aggravation when renovating your bathroom.

Victorian Bath our team resurfaced for a client on site in their bathroom.

5. Jazzing up the bathroom in general

Taking into account that budgets are tight and creativity is required to stretch your rands some great tips for adding a little personal flair to your bathroom you could:

  • Add some DIY artwork using templates and photo frames
  • Add a lovely rug on the floor.
  • Add a lean ladder for towels
  • Splurge on your soaps or make your own which is even better
  • Swap a mirror for wall art
  • Include a decal message that is meaningful to you and the family in an interesting font
  • Don’t skimp on towels and linen for the bathroom
  • Include a decorative magazine holder
  • Add a pop of colour with a waste basket

If you have any other ideas you’d like to add to this list – drop us a line. If you’d like to request a quote – contact Stephen Lambrick on +27 62 196 0680.

If you’d like offer critique or pay us a compliment or simply query something – drop us a line on info@betabaths.co.za