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2nd Sep 2020

A quick revamp for the guest bathroom.

If you have a bathroom that needs some TLC but are on a tight budget here are some quick and easy ideas for you to impress […]
14th May 2020

Why do Fibreglass baths crack?

The fibreglass bath – a cheap, cheerful and ever so popular choice among homeowners and plumbers because of it’s inexpensive pricing. But as they say in […]
18th Aug 2019

5 good reasons to have your Bath Resurfaced.

When your bath has scratched, chipped, has a hole in it, has been stained or is simply dull and faded, or out of date, you can […]
11th Sep 2019

Add colour to your bathroom or change a colour in your bathroom

We prefer neutral colours for a bathroom – it’s peaceful and really quite easy to accessorise, but allot of people aren’t that way inclined – they […]
11th Aug 2019

Resurfacing a toilet pan

Porcelain toilet pans or bowls can be a really aesthetically pleasing part of a bathroom.  The thing is that people don’t always think that because porcelain […]
31st May 2019

My bath is peeling – can I have it repaired?

The simple answer to this question is yes – of course you can!  What’s more – there are companies like ours dedicated to repairing / restoring […]
31st May 2019

Is your bath worn, scratched, stained, cracked, lack luster or just simply outdated due to it’s terribly old fashioned colour?

May is a great month to start with your home and business renovations.  Beta Bathrooms are bathroom resurfacing specialsits.  We’ve been in this business for a […]
31st May 2019

Crack repair, restore and resurfacing on a fiberglass bath

Yesterday we were called out to Melkbos to repair and restore a large crack on a rectangular fiberglass bath in Melkbos on the West Coast of […]
31st May 2019

When should you resurface your bath?

We see many baths in our line of business.  Even when we’re not ‘on the job’, we’re looking at baths, basins, toilets, tiles and showers…Occupational hazard […]
31st May 2019

Take extra care of your resurfaced bath

We like to tell all our clients to take extra care of their resurfaced bath.  Why?   In some areas water contains high levels of chemicals. […]
31st May 2019

Upgrade your kitchen instantly with resurfacing

Let’s face it – renovations and redecorating is not top of mind for most folk right now… we’re too busy just getting by!  If it’s not […]
31st May 2019

Chip repair service

Beta Bathrooms Refinishing Specialists offer a unique chip repairing service to all bath, basin and shower owners in Cape Town.  With over 26 years in experience in […]
31st May 2019

Increase your home’s value by resurfacing key areas

There are really great ways you can add value to your home without breaking the bank.  Here are some ideas from the team at Beta Bathrooms: […]
31st May 2019

Christmas Decoration ideas for the Bathroom! Why not?

Really?  Yes – we think the bathroom often get’s ignored over Christmas time – and we think we’ve come across some pretty cool ideas along our […]
31st May 2019

Declutter your bathroom

The decluttered look we all ultimately want in our bathrooms.  If this bathroom doesn’t say peace and quiet to you – we don’t know what will! […]
31st May 2019

Re-enamelling a gives your old bath, basin or toilet a new lease on life

Fully re-enamelling a bath renders an old, scratched, chipped, stained, damaged or faded bath ‘new’ giving it a brand new lease on life and adding priceless […]
31st May 2019

Don’t buy new – recycle, restore, resurface and reuse.

Beta Bathrooms are completely passionate about not buying a new bath, basin or toilet.  We sincerely believe and live by our ethos that you can almost […]
31st May 2019

Transform your home easily by transforming the cupboard doors in the home.

Giving your home a brand new look doesn’t have to cost much or take up too much of your time these days!.  Let’s take your cupboard […]
31st May 2019

Guest House saves money on toilet holder renovations by NOT replacing

Last week we were called by a guest house who had a toilet roll holder in one of their bathrooms that had been damaged by a […]
31st May 2019

You can change your 70’s bathroom from drab to fab in just one day.

 These days not many people have oodles of money to throw at bathroom renovations.  And bathrooms can be notoriously expensive to renovate.  Well, the good news […]
31st May 2019

Kitchen sinks resurfaced

On Thursday last week we were stopped by a man walking out of the shopping centre with his daughter – he looked at our branded vehicle […]
31st May 2019

Winter’s coming – time to check your bathroom and kitchen grouting and silicone sealing

Autumn is here – and we have just a week or two before the real winter season hits us in Cape Town. It’s therefore important to […]
31st May 2019

Is your bath gross?

Do you have a really ‘gross’ looking bath? Nothing worse right? So what do you do? Well, if you’ve recently visited your local home improvement store […]
31st May 2019

Does the thought of bathroom renovations make you run screaming for the hills?

In our experience – one’s bathroom is either one’s haven of peace or a matter of great unhappiness in the home!There is nothing more relaxing and […]
30th May 2019

Repairing a bath or basin with a hole in it.

We often receive calls from clients asking us if it’s possible to repair a bath or basin with a hole in it.  The damage looks severe, […]
30th May 2019

Peace in the Home

I remember it as if it was yesterday.  I was a newly wed bride and my mother-in-law gave us a gift for the home – a […]
30th May 2019

When is it viable to resurface a bath, basin or toilet?

We’ve been resurfacing baths, basins, toilets and tiles since 1990 and the main reason we get a call out to resurface an item is because the […]