11th Sep 2019

Add colour to your bathroom or change a colour in your bathroom

We prefer neutral colours for a bathroom – it’s peaceful and really quite easy to accessorise, but allot of people aren’t that way inclined – they […]
18th Aug 2019

5 good reasons to have your Bath Resurfaced.

When your bath has scratched, chipped, has a hole in it, has been stained or is simply dull and faded, or out of date, you can […]
11th Aug 2019

Resurfacing a toilet pan

Porcelain toilet pans or bowls can be a really aesthetically pleasing part of a bathroom.  The thing is that people don’t always think that because porcelain […]
31st May 2019

My bath is peeling – can I have it repaired?

The simple answer to this question is yes – of course you can!  What’s more – there are companies like ours dedicated to repairing / restoring […]