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    1Do you cover the Western Cape?
    2What areas do you cover?
    We cover the whole of the City Centre and as far north as Saldanha Bay, Ceres, Montegue, Caledon, Hermanus and Stanford. We further cover as far South as Fish Hoek and Cape Point. We are happy to travel - the travel costs will be a consideration when supplying you with a quote on your required job.
    3Resurfacing, re-enamelling, refinishing or repolishing: what is the difference and which is best for my bath?
    Resurfacing, reenamelling and refinishing are very much the same thing. It is a production proccess that describes the act of someone 'spraying' a new surface coating onto a bath, basin, toilet, shower base or the tiles whislst in situ - i.e. while the unit is still in the bathrooms
    4Is the coating you put on the bath the same as the original surface?
    No - this process is called a baked enamel and Beta Bathrooms do not subscribe to this method of resurfacing. The baked enamel is a vitreous china surface - this is the same surface as when the bath was originally made. This 'old surface' in our opinion has no real place in today's world as it has some inherent flaws and is as far as we're concerend not made for today's modern home and bathroom. The baked enamel surface is very sensitive to chemicals that are acidic and contain strong amonias. It only takes a few moments of the wrong cleaner to leave the baked enamel streaked with etchings. The Beta Bathrooms resurfacing method is to recoat the bath like like new with a coating that is chemical damage resistant. The Beta Bathroom coating has a very special polyeurothane coating - as used by many of the yatch manufacturing companies and as such we not only achieve a smooth and silky finish, but our finish is terrifically durable.
    5Can I just polish my bath and get the same results as resurfacing my bath?
    When you polish an original bath surface you will achieve a smooth and glossy shine, but this will not be as white and shinny as the original bath or what we can achieve by resurfacing the bath. Of course - Beta Bathrooms polish all their baths after we've resurfaced | reenamelled your bath. This comes as part of our full service package to resurface a bath. Remember - if a bath is damaged with cracks, wholes, chips or stains, the act of polishing it will not alter or improve the damaged areas - in fact it might just make the problem areas stand out more. Just polishing a bath is perfect if your bath is ony slighly worn and just want to buff up it's gloss. In our experience we find that the client is a much happier customer when we give them our full Rolls Royce treatment on their bath - i.e. a full bath resurfacing which includes a FREE polish treatment.
    6Why does my bath always look dirty even just after I've cleaned it?
    Your bath has an original coating on it. In otherwords - you have never resurfaced your bath. The cleaning materials with which you clean your bath has strong acids and amonias in them. These chemicals eat away at the coating on your bath leaving your bath looking dull, faded and grey. As you continue with these harsh chemicals - the surface deteriates and becomes more open and porous - making it very difficult to clean. It will get to the point where you start rubbing the surface itself away just to get the marks and stains out. So how will resurfacing your bath with our coating help the situation? We resurface the bath with an acid and amonia resistant surfce on the bath when we restore it so that this sort of damage is reduced. The resurfaced bath looks brand new of course and is all new and shiny - and ultimately easier to clean!
    7Can you give us a quote to resurface a bath, basin, toilet or set of tiles without viewing it?
    We most definitely can! We have been doing this job for over 25 years now. We know our business inside out and are considered - The Professional Bath Resurfacing Specialists. There are factors that one should take into account when quoting a client to resurface a bath, but we are well versed in those and we are sure to ask you those questions when you call or email us: For example: 1. Has the bath been resurfaced before? 2. What colour is the bath? 3. Is the bath a standard size? 4. Has the bath got any damage on it? I.e. Are there chips, cracks, holes or sever stains on the bath? 5. What colour would you like to resurface the bath in? 6. Where is the bath? I.e. Where in the Western Cape is the bath to be resurfaced located? We most certainly don't need to come out and see the bath - but should you need the assurance that we 'see' the bath you are welcome to send us pictures of your bath. We receive many a day. It sounds like a long process or conversation, but the enquiry only takes a few minutes. The more information we have - the better job we can do in quoting you to resurface your bath.
    8What factors influence the price to resurface a bath?
    Factors that influence the price to resurface your bath include questions like: 1. Has the bath been resurfaced before? 2. What colour is the bath? 3. Is the bath a standard size? 4. Has the bath got any damage on it? I.e. Are there chips, cracks, holes or sever stains on the bath? 5. What colour would you like to resurface the bath in? 6. Where is the bath? I.e. Where in the Western Cape is the bath to be resurfaced located? 7. When can we access the bath - during normal working hours, over the weekend, in the evenings? You must remember that baths don't cost us the same amount or type of materials when we resurface them. Some present themselves with more issues than others. By issues we mean the above points mentioned here. Remember - resurfacing a bath in plain white is going to be the least expensive colour to resurface your bath in. We are able to and do mix and match colours for clients - but this process adds time to the resurfacing process and requires a bit of running around for our team and requires a bit more skill so not just anyone is left to do this. Another point to consider - if the bath has been previously reenamelled it will more than likely need to be stripped back to the original coating which is time consuming and hard manual labour and this will add to the costs. Location is a factor as some baths are further from our workshop than others and some places are more expensive and time consuming to travel to, the center of Cape Town or the or Worcester example. These areas are quite far apart and a trip to Worcester must be planned in the diary in order to ensure a smooth operational flow. A bath that is damaged - be it holes, cracks, chips, or erosion stains - requires more work and preparation in order to ensure that the coating bonds to the original bath. Complex environments, confined spaces, sites where co-ordination is needed with other workers may require their own added costs due to a high degree of masking, venting etc. The person that answers your enquiry will, in addition to asking some of the above questions probably ask others that may seem irrelevant based on what you say about your bath project. Don’t feel they are presuming you will be using us they are just forming in there own mind a “concept of the job” which will take in all the parameters before giving you a price. That price will not change unless the spec of the job changes. For example it has been worked on before but we have been told it has not. We will not start the job if it needs something extra - the cost is always agreed before we commence.