We specialise in repairing, restoring and resurfacing the following:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Holes
  • Polishing scratches out of acrylic baths and kitchen sinks
  • Professtionally resurfacing of baths, basins, toilets, shower bases and tiles.
  • Repairing chips, cracks and holes in acrylic baths.
  • Repairing scratched & stained alluminium window frames.
  • Resurfacing appliances and wooden furniture.
  • Resurfacing kitchen and bedroom cupboard doors.
  • Resurfacing elevator doors

Substrates we work with:

  • Acrylic (Fiberglass)
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelin
  • Cast Iron
  • Wood
  • Alluminium

Professionally refinishing baths, basins, toilets & tiles

Sometimes referred to as ‘refinishing’, ‘re-glazing’ or ‘re-enameling’, resurfacing is a method whereby bathrooms and kitchen surfaces are prepared and resurfaced in-situ without removal from the venue, using a coating specifically formulated for the kitchen and bathroom environment

Repairing chips, cracks and holes in acrylic baths

Molded acrylic fiberglass baths can crack when the acrylic skin has worn very thin. Everyday wear and tear can chip and scratch any surface, including baths, basins, toilets and cabinet tops. Holes to baths by builders might be a worry or a cause to replace— no need to… can fill the hole successfully.

Polishing scratches and chips out of acrylic baths; kitchen zincs and aluminum windows

We are often called in to polish scratches, chips and nicks out of acrylic baths, kitchen zincs and aluminum windows on construction sites. Depending on the damage to the surface, we will either spray or just polish the imperfection out. After the procedure the customer is left with a tough, smooth, shining surface that is easy to clean and capable of lasting another few years.

Repairing and resurfacing kitchen cupboards


Repairing cement damaged aluminium window frames


The above images was on a building site where the plasterer had left cement on the frames and burnt/etched them.

Other repairs and resurfacing

Repair Chrome on Taps Resurface ceramics

Many other items can be repaired or resurfaced. Contact us now to find out more!


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