Sometimes referred to as refinishing, re-glazing, re-enameling, resurfacing is a method whereby bathrooms and kitchen surfaces are prepared and resurfaced with an enamel coating in-situ. Resurfacing makes use of a durable enamel coating that is specifically formulated for use in the kitchen and bathroom environment.

Resurfacing any surface has a multi facetted operational procedure:

  • This is the 1st item
  • This is the 2nd item
  • Deciding on whether to replace or resurface. Assess your needs; your budget; your space; your service providers and your timeline requirements.
  • Decide on your colour palette for your new refinished bathroom or kitchen. On deciding to save money and resurface rather than replace call in the experts for a free quote and a colour briefing.
  • Beta Bathrooms assesses the job at hand and supplies the customer with a written quote.
  • A date is selected for the project to be completed by and both parties agree on the set date of completion.
  • On said date Beta Bathrooms will arrive on the job Stephen Lambrick and a personal assistant to start the job.
  • All surfaces will be checked for dampness before commencement of the job. If any dampness is found this needs to be sorted out before we start the job as it could effect the quality and longevity of the finish on the resurfaced product.
  • This is the 1st item
  • This is the 2nd item
  • Next the surface to be refinished is thoroughly cleaned removing grease, soap, residues and other contaminates.
  • The surface is then etched this ensures bonding of the new surfacing to the product.
  • Holes, chips, cracks, nicks are repaired with an epoxy or polyester filler.
  • The entire work area is prepared for spraying. This requires masking off the area and ensuring that any other surfaces are not damaged.
  • Beta Bathrooms then spray a priming agent on the surface to be refinished.
  • The primer is left to bond for at least 30 minutes. While this is happening we prepare for the next stage of the job and ensure all our equipment is clean and prepped for a quality job. Three coats of top coat is sprayed onto the prepped surface ensuring a smooth, silky finish to the product.
  • After drying and curing your refinished / resurfaced product will have a whole newlease on life.